CNC Jig Grinding Machine (Detail)
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Pacific Jig Grinding has two State-of-the-Art 4-Axis CNC continuous path jig grinders and two Moore G-18 jig grinders which enables us to handle a high volume of work and meet your deadlines.  We understand how important quick turnaround is as jig grinding is one of the last steps in the machining process.

The new 4-axis (X, Y, C and U) CNC jig grinder has an additional Z axis control that has 4 programmable reciprocation zones which is useful for parts that have 2 holes in line, or a punch and die that are at different heights on the table.   The X, Y and U axes have .000010” resolution which enables us to hold the tightest of tolerances on location and size.


We have the expertise to handle your most challenging jobs and with our experience comes the ability to effectively problem solve.  Contacting us during the design phase of your project and providing us with your specifications can help save time and reduce the cost of your production.  We have CAD-CAM software installed to read your IGES or DXF formatted files. 



Our facility is temperature controlled and our jig grinders are laser calibrated, all of which ensures consistent accuracy.  Every job is inspected on and off the machine to blueprint requirements.




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